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Things Never Known

The Parallel Nazi - Book 8

With the Russian forces pushed back across Ukraine and northern Russia, Germany rules Europe from the Bug River to the Atlantic coast. Heinrich Schloss, the Chancellor of the German Reich, sees victory over the Russian invasion nearly in his grasp.

Schloss begins planning for a post-war world with new weapons that will defend Germany for the next decade. He also starts the delicate dance with politicians outside the Nazi party, leading to the first elections in fifteen years.

The rest of the world seems quiet, with a new American president in the White House and a Japan that muddles through a military insurrection. Winston Churchill’s reassumption of the British premiership and Russia’s refusal to end the war worries Schloss. Subtle attacks on Schloss’s reputation through the newspapers add to his frustration.

Schloss faces the failure of those closest to him and wrestles with the consequences of the decisions he must make.

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