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Various & Sundry -- July 2017

Here we are in the depths of the summer, suffering the heat wave, but enjoying the sunshine. The Snows of Montora is now available in a print edition. We took the opportunity to update the text and stamp out some more typos. So, we're calling it a Second Edition. It is also available in the Kindle ebook format.

The sequel to Accidental Nazi will be out in December, so put it on your Christmas lists. This book continues the story of Heinrich Schloss and his life in a parallel universe in Nazi Germany. I have completed the second draft, so the book is substantially in its final form.

I am working on a dystopian story about Earth circa 2240 to 2250 A.D. Civilization has crumbled under the combined onslaught of a "Carrington Event" in 2035, and successive pandemics. A Carrington Event is a solar flare strong enough to disrupt electrical systems on the planet. Mankind struggles with a climate which has fallen into a glacial epoch. Lawrence Berthold struggles to complete his education under the guidance of academics who are shortsighted and penurious.

My wife and I recently completed a three week vacation that covered Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Western Illinois. After getting the bugs and road tar off the car, I am back in the saddle and working on my various writing projects. It's too hot to be outside right now, anyway.

Dynastic Ambition -- April 2017

Frank Nyman is back in the first of a new series of stories. His old nemesis Admiral Krause calls him in to investigate and quell unrest on the planet Clay in the Cardiff system. Along the way he is drafted to facilitate the unification of the nation-states on Caledon. He is challenged by a resource-strapped navy and a young, homicidal religionist, who is bent on killing him. He is joined, once again, by Smith & Jones along with Stephanie Howard and Hai Ciera for new adventures. Frank’s life is changed dramatically with new events and characters entering his life.

Accidental Nazi -- March 2017

Since the release of Accidental Nazi in December, the book has become the best selling of the Wagher novels. The print edition is also selling well. Ward is hard at work on the sequel and expects to release it in December of 2017. Many readers have asked questions about particular characters and events. All we can say it, wait for the next book in the series.

Other Projects -- March 2017

Following the release of Dynastic Ambition in March of 2017, Ward continues development of a companion work to Accidental Nazi. Currently in novella form, the book will now include additional material that explains the backgrounds of both Heinrich Schloss and Frau Marsden. For those curious about the events that caused Schloss's trip into Nazi Germany, we suggest reading the short story Bach's Lunch, which may be freely downloaded from this site. See the Free Stories page.