Books by Ward Wagher


Books by Ward Wagher

Ward Wagher has written a wide selection of stories, primarily in the "Woogieverse" setting. This is part of a sweeping history with futher books planned to fill out the various series.
The Saga of Scott Baughman
Scott Baughman expected to spend the day with his father in the pursuit of amateur woodworking. However, a trip to the hardware store ends when Scott and Pop are abducted and carried aboard an alien spacecraft. This series of three books recounts his amazing story.
The Chronicles of Montora
The stories surrounding the Duchy of Hepplewhite and the Margraviate of Montora focus on the Nyman family along with their friends and retainers. The setting is about four hundred years in the future from the ending of the Scott Baughman series, during a troubling time in the Earth-based League of Merchants and Manufacturers.

Harcourt's World
The Parallel Nazi
Heinrich Schloss is mysteriously transported from 1982 Berlin to Germany in 1941. But, it is a different Germany. He arrives in time to witness Hitler's death in a plane crash. As a historian, he seizes the moment. He puts into effect the results of years of thought, discussion and research. He is presented with a magnificent opportunity to change the history of this parallel universe and right several great wrongs.

The Nazi Magician
Dieter Faust, a laboratory researcher in Nazi Germany, has discovered an unsuspected source of energy and invents new machines to take advantage of the phenomenon. He invents a laser gun as well as a personal shield. The thing is, the machines logically should not work. But they do. He struggles not to think what he has found is magic.

The Parallel-Multiverse
For those wanting the complete background to such events as Heinrich Schloss's accidental trip to Nazi Germany, or some of the historical details to the Woogieverse, this series will fill in some of the blanks.
The Caledon Emergence
Following the fall of the Merchants and Manufacturers League to the Centaurans, the peoples of the various worlds in the periphery of the Sphere of Man were terrified of the possibility of the Centauran Fleet showing up in their high orbitals. Frank Nyman works with the people of Caledon to unify the nation-states of that world and also to develop a strategy for preventing Centauran ascendancy.

By Bob Anderson & Ward Wagher
A collaboration on a story that takes place during the cold war years of the late 1970's.

  • The Final Hero

  • Free Stories (Free Downloads)
    Ward Wagher has written several short stories covering eclectic topics. Each of these stories is free to download, read and share. They are available in mobi format for the Kindle reader as well as in HTML. They are also posted in Microsoft Word Doc and Rich Text Format. They are copyrighted by Ward Wagher, so while you may freely share, you may not sell them.

    • A Dog's Breakfast
    • Never Teach a Woogie to Play Golf
    • First Contact
    • Cataclysm
    • Bach's Lunch