The Christian Science Fiction of Ward Wagher


The Woogieverse

The Woogieverse is a future history which begins in the year 2007 A.D. and continues over three thousand years into the future. It is a history of mankind's migration to the stars. This saga is recorded in three series of books by novelist Ward Wagher.

The first series is the life story of Allen Scott Baughman, who was abducted by aliens in 2007, and returns to Earth four hundred years later. The books in this series are Hannah Sorpat's Eye, Without Beginning of Days, and Witnesses in the Cloud.

The second series revolves around the Margraviate of Montora on the planet Hepplewhite, and takes place 800 years in the future. Books in this series include The Mountains of Montora, The Margrave of Montora, The Snows of Montora, Christmas in Montora and The Diamonds of Montora.

Another series will take place 1,200 years in the future and focus on the Kingdom of Caledon. The first of these is tentatively titled Dynastic Ambition. Several ancillary books are planned to complete the future history.

Perhaps the central characters in these stories are the Woogies, a race of sophonts with five arms, five legs and radial symmetry. They interact extensively with man and generally are more noble and honest then their human counterparts.